how do we do it?

Our success is measured on achieving specific and positive business outcomes for clients and individuals.

corporate objectives and strategies:

Every program we conduct starts from this point:

  • What is the company trying to achieve?
  • Is there clarity and consistency in the way it is communicated?
  • Does the workforce ‘get it’?
  • What are the barriers, if any, to executing?

the environment:

We assess the internal and external environment of the organisation to ensure the appropriate solution is viable and will work.


The capabilities and desires of individuals, teams and departments have great influence on the design and delivery of the solution. Ultimately, this is where the talkforce approach will have the greatest impact.


talkforce trainers, facilitators & coaches use a wide variety of adult learning techniques, that are:  

  • Outcome focused
  • Creative and flexible
  • Group focused rather than individually competitive
  • Highly dynamic, interactive and engaging
  • Supportive

our partnership cycle

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