who are we?

our team

talkforce’s facilitators have broad and diverse industry and technical experience from both the private and public sectors, which allows them to understand and connect to current and real business issues. Each talkforce facilitator has a specific area of strength/expertise based on their business background.

Dedicated Client Service Executives (CSE) and support staff ensure the successful implementation of the solution designed.

Collaborative and outcome driven, we work together with clients to design specific programs that develop workforce skills and organisational culture.

talkforce’s team is energetic, creative, grounded, passionate and focused. Our objective is to build long-term sustainable partnerships with clients, adding value to the people and the business overall.  We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about developing people to their full potential.

If you are interested in employment opportunities with talkforce, please contact us by phone or e-mail to talkforce@talkforce.com.au

founder / managing director

Talkforce Communications: Christopher Whitnall
Christopher Whitnall

general manager

Talkforce Communications: Joseph La Posta
Joseph La Posta


People Development: Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson

People Development: Julie Holman
Julie Holman

People Development: Diana Cregan
Diana Cregan


People Development: Tom Harkin
Tom Harkin

People Development: Kat Thomas
Kat Thomas

People Development: Gail Bower
Gail Bower

People Development: Andy Price
Andy Price

People Development: Tracey Chung
Tracey Chung

People Development: Theresa Miller
Theresa Miller

support team

Talkforce Consultant: Lauren Stenner
Lauren Stenner

Talkforce Consultant: Libby Dale
Libby Dale

Talkforce Consultant: Lorna O'Sullivan
Lorna O'Sullivan

Talkforce Consultant: Susie Whitnall
Susie Whitnall

Talkforce Consultant: Helen McFadzean
Helen McFadzean