Facilitation training for leadership success

Facilitation skills are widely applicable within the workplace and can be used anytime where a group is required to work together effectively.

Every leader could benefit from undertaking facilitation training to learn techniques to encourage positive teamwork and collaboration.

Here is some more information about the role of the facilitator:

Facilitation vs. presentation

Facilitation is different from presenting. When presenting, the goal is to impart information and influence the audience. The goal when facilitating is to create a framework and environment for productive conversations and learning to occur.

Effective facilitators stay neutral throughout the session or meeting, as opposed to forming an opinion and offering it to the audience.

Bringing out the best of your team

The foundation of facilitation is that, in most instances, the answer is in the room. Great facilitators ask clear and effective questions to help individuals find answers, collaborate, learn and decide together.

This is quite an art, given that any group usually includes people with different social and learning styles. Great facilitators are also skilled at flexing the processes they use and their own style in order to maximise engagement, productivity and outcomes from individuals and from the collective group.

A good facilitator will also be able to draw on people's strengths.

Keeping your team focused

Facilitation is useful to maintain focus in meetings, keep groups on track and ensure set objectives are being met. Effective facilitators design processes to enable creativity and innovation to prosper.

Facilitation training with talkforce

Leaders or anyone working in groups will benefit from developing their facilitation skills.

talkforce offers three interactive facilitation training courses:

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