talk (n)

conversation, exchange, dialogue, chat, tete-a-tete, discourse, speech, address

force (n)

power, strength, energy, vigour, potency, dynamism, influence, weight, intensity

who are we?

about talkforce

Christopher Whitnall, Managing Director of talkforce, started the business in 1993, with a vision to establish an organisation delivering tailored training, targeted to the specific needs of the client and/or individual.

In 1995 Christopher was joined by David Borean (talkforce 1995-2008) and together they built a business focused on advancing the communication skills of people in the workplace through innovative adult learning methodologies.

talkforce has grown into a dynamic people development company, offering a range of Leadership, Communication, Coaching, Facilitation and Training services, supported by an innovative online digital platform that sustains face-to-face learning and creates powerful learning and development outcomes for participants.

talkforce trainers are accredited in the following instruments: Human Synergistics - LSI, GSI, LI, OCI/OEI, DiSC®, TMS, MBTI, HBDI and HOGAN - HPI, HDS, MVPI.